Spearman Consulting

Strategic Development

Are you maximizing your staff and resources to get the most bang for your buck? Are your programs getting you what you need to advance your development efforts? Are your fundraising strategies differentiated enough to appeal to low, mid, and high-level donors? An evaluation of your current programs and events will help you to determine their effectiveness and identify any holes in your development strategy. A development audit includes:

  • - an analysis of each event, including review of budgets/P&Ls, timelines, committee structures, ticket sales, sponsorships, auction packages and sales, in-kind donations and sponsorships proposals
  • - an analysis of each program, including review of program objectives, processes, staff requirements, and budgets

Each program and event will then be evaluated against the full organizational budget to show you where the bulk of your funds are spent, income is generated, leads are generated, staff time is spent, and greatest ROI comes from. From there, we can determine how to increase efficiency or reduce costs or even redesign or remove a program or event that is no longer generating an appropriate return. Together, we can create a unique development plan to capitalize on your organization’s current assets as well as new business development opportunities.