Spearman Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these the only services you provide?

No, these are simply my specialties that are most commonly requested by clients. If your organization has specific needs not listed here, feel free to contact me to discuss these further and see how I can help.

How much do you charge?

Fees are based on the scope of the work and time expected for completion. After I learn more about your organization and what your goals and needs are, I will create a customized quote for services. On a tight budget? Not to worry! I am happy to develop a payment plan or discuss creating a discounted package for small business clients.

Do you work hourly, by project, or on retainer?

All of the above! Depending on the scope of services you require and the expected timeline, we can determine which payment is best suited for your budget.

Will you write grants on commission?

No. It is against the Association of Fundraising Professionals Code of Ethical Principles and Standards to accept compensation based on a percentage of funds received or to accept contingency fees.

How do I know if I need a consultant?

Fundraisers face a myriad of challenges these days, including high staff turnover, low donor engagement, unrealistic expectations, inactive Board/committee members, inadequate organizational planning, difficulty securing grant funding, etc. Often, staff members are forced to simply deal with the effects of these challenges for day-to-day operations rather than devise a comprehensive solution for future smooth sailing. Even if your fundraising efforts are succeeding, this can lead to staff members feeling overwhelmed, stretched thin, and headed toward a burnout. You can’t do it all! It can be more cost-effective and sanity saving to bring in an expert to supplement staffing and improve efficiency and productivity. It also gives you the opportunity to gain a fresh perspective on your organization’s policies, procedures, and problems.
Bringing in a consultant can also continue paying off years down the line. As a consultant, nothing makes me feel better than to see a former client receive praise, awards, or increased funding for a plan or program that I assisted in implementing years ago. I’m here to help!

Why should I hire you?

In addition to my skills and expertise, I am dedicated to seeing each of my clients drastically improve their development efforts. I enjoy creating customized plans and projects for each client to suit their needs. Coupled with a flair for creativity and ability to critically evaluate strategies and projects, I am highly organized, detail oriented, deadline-driven, and professional with Southern charm. It is my goal to help you maximize every dollar donated to your organization so you and your team can do what it does best – focus on your mission. Whether you need help with a specific project or a full evaluation of your funding plan, I can help.