It’s all about how you say it. When it comes to communicating effectively with your donors, it’s like navigating an intertangled web of potential landmines. You want your message to appeal to each donor individually and on a personal level but no two donors have the exact same motivations for giving or being involved with an organization. My business and content writing expertise covers:

  • - donor solicitation letters
  • - thank-you packages
  • - direct mail fundraising materials
  • - e-newsletter content
  • - website or blog content

It’s also about WHEN you say it. One of the worst mistakes organizations can make is only communicating with its stakeholders during giving campaigns. If donors invest in your organization, they deserve to know what’s going on! Creating an annual “touch” or communication plan will help keep your donors updated on the programs, events, and topics that are important to them and keep you top-of-mind for when your giving campaign does come around.

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