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With years of experience in both for-profit and non-profit development, I understand the unique challenges and requirements of successful fund acquisition for both. I am a full service business development consultant specializing in grant writing and prospective funder research,  business writing, Board development, organizational planning, event management, strategic development, and marketing management. 

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Lynn Spearman provides dynamic consulting services that are versatile and impactful. The biggest struggle of any company, especially a nonprofit, is funding procurement. Diverse funding procurement is one of Lynn's specialities. She not only provides grant writing and fundraising assistance, but she also provides marketing, pinpoint development analysis, and many other insightful corporate consulting services. Your company will benefit from a consultant with 10 years of experience in these related fields and with a proven track record of satisfied clients. 

- Ricky Twiggs, Atlas Therapeutics

Age: 32
HOMETOWN: New Orleans
DEGREE: BS, Business
MS, Management