Spearman Consulting

Marketing Management

Effective marketing is yet another key aspect to successful fundraising. With more nonprofits emerging daily and competing for shrinking funding, organizations must find ways to differentiate themselves and their missions. Organizations that lack a clear and cohesive brand can find themselves at a disadvantage - unable to cut through the clutter and gain critical support of key stakeholders. Creating a cohesive theme throughout all of your marketing materials will help your organization appeal to prospective donors in a unified, professional manner. I can help evaluate and redesign your:

  • mission and vision statements
  • elevator speeches
  • logo
  • website
  • letterhead
  • brochures
  • press releases
  • business cards

Your organization is more than just a pretty (well-branded) face. It’s about heart and mission. It’s about your story. Storytelling is no longer just for fairytales and bedtimes. Your story is critical to your marketing success. That’s why the most successful businesses infuse their marketing efforts with content inspired by storytelling. This allows your organization to connect with community members and donors on a more personal level. Each organization has a story to tell, whether it be through your company history, people and communities you serve, staff and volunteers, or mission. Through interviews with key players, photos, videos, and company and community research, I can help you capture the heart of your story. My creative strategy and donor-centered writing will help you tell your story in a way that connects with stakeholders using real stories – human stories – that people can relate to in order to excite passion for your mission and inspire action.