Spearman Consulting

Board Development

The Board of Directors for any organization is responsible for the overall vision, direction, and sustainability of that organization. Often, Board members agree to serve on a Board without realizing the commitment it will require in various areas, including development. Sometimes they simply do not understand what is expected of them or how they can help. Some Board members are even intimidated by that big “F” word – FUNDRAISING. It is vital to have the right people serving on your Board who can both guide your organization and help “beat the drum” for its financial success.

Do you struggle with a Board that does not participate in the organization’s fundraising activities? Is your Board struggling to meet its fundraising goals? Have you set out individualized development goals for each Board member based on their specific knowledge and expertise? I can develop a customized Board Development Plan that can include:

  •  - a survey of current Board members to assess their perception of role requirements and commitments
  • - an overall assessment of the effectiveness of your Board and potential areas for growth
  • customized Board development tools including templates for commitment packages, position descriptions, and individualized development plans for each member
  • - assessment of current board structure and recommendations for optimum structure, including position consolidation or separation, specific roles
  • - Board training presentations on how to approach fundraising, creating a culture of sustainability, the importance of 100% Board giving, and setting realistic strategic development goals for your Board
  • - Recommendations on how to recruit new members in the future and implement the Board development tools on your own

Board members have shown that they are invested in the future of your organization by agreeing to serve on your Board. They bring with them their own personal and professional connections, experiences, and ideas. It is your job to capitalize on each member’s skills and knowledge in the most beneficial way for your organization. Remember, development is more than simply asking for money!